Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 West Jordan Stampede Cookoff

Yesterday I was invited to judge the Stampede Cookoff! It was a great honor and a lot of fun. Having never judged a food contest, I was really nervous. I wanted to be fair and unbiased but it is very difficult to decide which food is best, when they are as diverse as chimichangas to smoked turkey breast. Having competed before, I know what it is like on the other side of the judging table-- waiting in anticipation with your stomach in knots hoping and praying that you do well. I can tell you on the judging side, your stomach is in knots and you are hoping and praying that you make the right decision. You are assigned to literally tear apart the dish, ensuring that it cooked evenly, has a pleasant aroma, is visually stunning, and most importantly, tastes delicious. If I were to offer advice for competitors it would be this: avoid foods that cause common allergies like nuts and shrimp, shy away from foods that are not widely liked (not everyone loves mushrooms), make your presentation visually stunning, stay away from meats that dry out easily (pork roasts and poultry breast) unless you can ensure they will stay moist, and have fun cooking!

Alright, now to explain to my loyal reader why I haven't posted since April. Life's been very busy doing a remodel in preparation for our third child. I am tapping away on my smartphone waiting in the hospital hoping she will come soon. And yes, the remodel is nearly done-- as soon as the carpet guy comes on Monday. I think we'll see some posts coming soon, I've still got to deconstruct a PB&J and now a Hamburger.

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  1. Well that is a good excuse for not posting! Good luck on the new arrival.

  2. Andy thanks for your help on Saturday! And Congrats on the new Baby!