Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grill - Fajita Chicken Salad

Last night I came home to two things: a note from my wife telling me she had meetings and I was on my own for dinner, and a parcel nested in my broccoli plants on my front porch. In the parcel was my Cholula 4 pack sample that Cholula sent me to review here on the Back Porch. So over the next coming weeks we will be kicking it up to 11 with "the Flavorful Fire" with recipes featuring Cholula.

I wanted to get started right away, so I grilled up some chicken breasts, sliced them into strips and then tossed them in Original Flavor Cholula, then laying them on a crisp garden salad. Unfortunately, the chicken was frozen, and I didn't have time to thaw them properly, so I thawed the outside, rubbed them in spices and threw them on the grill. This caused the spices to burn a bit, but the Cholula saved the day and the chicken tasted great!

Medium heat, one burner only
20 minutes

2 chicken breasts
Chipotle seasoning
2 tablespoons Cholula Original Flavor
Salad greens
Ranch or blue cheese dressing

Rub chicken in chipotle spices. Grill on medium heat until thermometer reads 165 degrees. Slice into strips and toss in Cholula. Let stand 5 minutes, retoss and serve on salad with tomatoes. Top with creamy dressing of your choice and serve immediately.

5 stars

Bon Appetit! The Outdoors Begin at Your Back Porch!


  1. I like this, great use of the Cholula. It is one of my favorite over the counter hot sauces.

  2. Nice Chris! Does insurance cover prescription hot sauce?