Monday, April 4, 2011

Barbecue - Smoked Ribs Take 2

Yesterday we cooked ribs on indirect heat again, but these were bone-in beef ribs this time.

A few thoughts:

- Next time I would only cook them an hour and a half. They were too well done at 2 hours.

- I wouldn't use the barbecue sauce glaze next time; it just seemed to burn.

- If serving company again, I would buy two full racks and prop them up with a metal rib rack.

- I would use less coals by increasing the time in between replenishment. (I used 3 chimneys, about every 45 minutes)

- For some reason, my homemade foil drip pan inflated like a hot air balloon. Next time I would use a better drip pan.

All in all, they tasted great, despite a few setbacks. Even cooking in the snow in April wasn't that bad.

4 stars

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