Saturday, September 11, 2010

Podcast - Interview with Toni Black of Dutch Oven Madness

Today I had the opportunity to interview Toni Black of Dutch Oven Madness. She is an amazing cast iron chef. She not only cooks EVERY day in her Dutch ovens, but she blogs about it too! She is a great inspiration and new friend of mine. That is what Dutch oven cooking is about. Coming together in this world and creating great food and great friends.

In the interview, she talks about her struggles with charcoal heat balance, and how she found a great method to regulate the temperature. She also talks about her favorite recipes and how much planning it takes to cook Dutch oven dishes every day.

Check her site out here:

Check out the full interview here.

Bon Appetit! The Outdoors Start at Your Back Porch!


  1. That was a really fun interview. Toni is really dedicated and fun to follow. I have to tell you...and Toni...and Mark...and all of the other cooks and bloggers I really appreciate your willingness to share with us. I find a lot of inspiration from each of you. Your ideas and experiences are a great addition to my tool box for life. THANKS!
    I love the idea of "Dinner Dice". They sure would come in handy when we are looking at each other with the "what do you want for dinner" discussion.

  2. Hey, is there a separate RSS feed just for your podcasts? I'd like to be able to search them and download them to my player...

  3. Oh, and thanks @IDBlackPotPat! I appreciate the mention, too!

  4. @Mark: I use podbean to host my podcasts. The feed is:

    This also has my hosted music. Enjoy.