Monday, August 23, 2010

Home Canning - Dante's Inferno Salsa

This weekend, we put the Dutch ovens aside and did some long overdue home canning. We were waiting for the time when tomatoes were abundant, so we would have the most fresh ingredients. This salsa was actually hotter unprocessed, which means the salsa we saved as fresh and didn't seal in jars was hotter than the salsa we processed. We've already consumed a jar and a half, so you know this recipe is good. I got mixed reviews from the family. Most said it was good, and a few wussies said it was too hot. Some were cautiously optimistic. I thought it rocked. I can't wait for a few weeks when we have a boatload of tomatoes again.

Since making mistakes in home canning can kill you, it is best to follow a recipe from the Department of Agriculture, a University Extension Service, the Ball Blue Book, or We used a recipe from the Utah State University Extension Service. It is available here.

Instead of duplicating the recipe here, just go grab the link. The recipe is for generic salsa, and to make it your own, you can change the different peppers, onions, and dry spices that you put in. We used about 4 jalapenos, and 3 serranos and it was gentle at first, and then bit you at the end, but the heat didn't linger long. To spice it, we just used Ball's "fiesta salsa" seasoning packet. We used two large white onions, and it was almost a little too onioney for me. So, in a few weeks, we'll do it again, and we should have some garden peppers to use this time.

5 Stars

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