Thursday, January 7, 2010

Skookie - Chocolate Cow Pies

The Skookie pan set by Camp Chef is a shallow cast iron skillet, preseasoned with handle 'hot pot' holders and a cookie mix from Lehi Roller Mills. It is an awesome little pan. We've made cookies, mini pizzas, brownies... you could even fry fajitas like they do at Chilis. I won the set by participating in the City Weekly Dutch Oven Cookoff last year. Last Monday for family night we got a redbox movie and made skookie brownies. They looked a lot like cow pies, so I dubbed them "Chocolate Cow Pies"

Serves 4

1 Brownie Mix
1 Cup chocolate chips

Prepare the brownie mix according to package directions and mix in the chocolate chips. Grease the skookie pan with oil and add brownie mix so it initially fills 3/4 of the pan. It will spread out and expand as it cooks. Bake according to package directions, using the 9x9 square pan temperature and time. Watch the time... you don't want to burn them, since they are 1/2 as thin as regular 9x9 pans, I cooked at half the time and they turned out perfect. Let cool and top with hot fudge. Serve warm.

5 Stars

Bon Appetit!
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